Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera Solution

It is a solution that enables smooth operation of equipment, prevention of fire and early evolution by installing in places where temperature management is required for electrical facilities, plumbing facilities such as power plants, factories, buildings, etc.

  • Temperature detection of up to 10 points or ranges for each image
  • High / low / range temperature alarm
  • Integration with external devices such as event alarms, warning lights, sirens, etc.
  • Simultaneously deliver the situation to the central control room and multiple control centers
  • Event notification can be configured for different conditions

Required Equipments

RequiredRecorder (NVR / Hybrid NVR)
Thermal Imaging Camera

Applicable Products

RecorderAll NVR models
All Hybrid NVR models
CMSCMS-Station H

Use Cases

Thermal Imaging Camera Diagram
Real image mode
Thermal image mode
Overlay mode (real + thermal)