IP Video Wall

IP Video Wall System

The IP video wall system is a solution applicable to all sites requiring video surveilance / video control, such as CCTV integrated control facility, transportation transportation related facilities such as road / rail / aviation, and financial institution computer center.

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Support unlimited monitor arrangement and preset storage
  • Event functions(video pop-up, event message display) of NVR and linked 3rd-party solutions
  • Multiple users can control the video wall system at the same time
  • Search by displaying the search box on the wall monitor

Required Equipments

RequiredRecorder (NVR / Hybrid NVR)
Display Server
Wall Controller

Applicable Products

RecorderAll NVR models
All Hybrid NVR models
Display ServerEM-NDS-04
Wall ControllerCMS-Station H

Differences from Normal Video Wall Systems

  • It is simple and stable that requires only display server, unlike the normal configuration that requires a lot of equipment such as NVR, CMS, display server, encoder, controller, etc.
  • It is possible to maintain expansion and performance by adding display server only, unlike normal equipment that requires excessive replacement or expansion of main equipment when additional monitors are added or expanded.
  • Multi-user and user-specific permission setting support
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • One-click operation of preset functions such as preset and screen rotation function
Normal Video Wall Configuration
EMSTONE IP Video Wall Configuration

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

It supports IP Video Wall Control UI which can control set monitor layout and video preset with one click and reflect and display the currently displayed video in real time.

Video Wall Monitor

(1) Logo insertion space: Image file, text can be inserted. Adjustable size, color, etc
(2) Presets, Video Switching, Camera Group Tabs and Details
(3) Preset Shortcuts
(4) Monitor layout: Displayed image items are reflected in real time

You can check the image to be displayed on the wall monitor with your own eyes, and anyone can easily operate it with a simple and intuitive configuration to display the desired image on the wall monitors.

  1. Select the video you want
  2. Press F5 key
  3. Confirm after selecting the area to display the image
Video Wall Control Flow

Various Monitor Layout Configuration

In addition to the regular horizontal and vertical arrays, both monitor combinations and atypical monitor arrays of different sizes are supported.

Various Monitor Layouts

Unlike the existing video wall system, which does not support expansion when adding a wall monitor or degrades after expansion, the system can be expanded by adding a display server and supports the same performance.

Extended Monitor Layout

Multi-users and Per-user Permission Settings

Multiple users can control the video wall at multiple control points, and each user can set the rights for wall monitor control and video control.

Control Permission for Users

Event Presentation of NVR / Integrated System

When events occur in the NVR and the integrated system, the wall monitor supports interlocking functions such as video popup, event message, image popup, and videowall preset operation.

Video Pop-upDisplay position, size configurable
No limit on the number of videos
Text MessageText size, color configurable
Background color configurable
Display position, size configurable
Image Pop-upPNG, JPG, GIF, BMP available
Display position, size configurable
PresetVideo wall preset operation
Video Wall Event Presentation

Search the Recorded Video in Video Wall Monitor

Unlike the existing video wall system that can only display real-time video or encoded video, video search is possible by displaying the search box linked to the recording device on the wall monitor.

Video Wall Search Screen