Flame / Smoke Detection

Flame / Smoke Detection Solution

This solution detects flame and smoke by analyzing camera images in real time. A wide range of surveillance is possible, and users can quickly check whether there is a fire and respond to it through video in real time.

  • Sensitivity and area can be configured individually for each function (flame, smoke)
  • Integration with external devices such as event alarms, warning lights, sirens, etc.
  • Simultaneously deliver the situation to the central control room and multiple control centers
  • Event notification can be configured for different conditions

Required Equipments

RequiredRecorder (NVR / Hybrid NVR)

Applicable Products

RecorderAll NVR models
All Hybrid NVR models
CameraEM-IHD Series
EM-IHV Series
EM-IHE Series
EM-IHP Series
CMSCMS-Station H

Use Cases

Flame / Smoke Detection - Live
Flame / Smoke Detection - Search
Flame / Smoke Detection - Setting