Safe Entry Vehicles

Safe Entry Vehicles Solution

It is a solution that induces safe entrance / exit by transmitting the video and safety situation inside by compensating for the difficulty of recognizing the danger factors such as vehicles and floor obstacles that are stopped due to the difference in slope and illumination when entering a parking lot, tunnel, etc.

  • Real-time video of sections requiring attention when entering or leaving
  • Information message can be displayed on video when danger occurs
  • Integration with external equipment such as warning lights and siren
  • Simultaneously deliver the situation to the central control room and multiple control centers

Required Equipments

RequiredRecorder (NVR / Hybrid NVR)
Camera(PIR Sensor)
Display Server
OptionalWarning Light(Optional)

Applicable Products

RecorderAll NVR models
All Hybrid NVR models
CMSCMS-Station H
Display ServerEM-NDS-Solo

Use Cases

Safe Entry Vehicles Solution
Warning Screen Example