Warning Broadcast

Warning Broadcasting System

It is a solution that enables safe and quick response by sending warning broadcasts in case of dangerous situation such as intrusion or unauthorized use by installing warning broadcast system in playground, rest facility and blind spot.

  • Prevents accidents and unnecessary friction caused by face-to-face response
  • Real-time situation can be identified through video during warning broadcasting
  • Efficient manpower operation through minimizing unnecessary movement of security personnel

Required Equipments

RequiredRecorder (NVR / Hybrid NVR)
Camera (2-way voice function)
Sound Amplifier (PoE-Amplifier)
Speaker (Optional)
Microphone (Optional)

Applicable Products

RecorderAll NVR models
All Hybrid NVR models
CameraEM-IHV Series
EM-IHE Series
EM-IHP Series
CMSCMS-Station H
Sound AmplifierEM-PoE-AMP

Use Cases

Warning Broadcast System