Video Surveillance Solutions for Life Safety

IP Video Wall

The IP video wall system is a solution applicable to all sites requiring video surveilance / video control, such as CCTV integrated control facility, transportation transportation related facilities such as road / rail / aviation, and financial institution computer center.

Fingerprint Authentication

It is a user authentication solution that fundamentally blocks video retrieval, video backup, and system configuration change by unauthorized users other than registered administrators by utilizing the user’s own biometric information that cannot be forged or stolen.

Safe Entry Vehicles

It is a solution that induces safe entrance / exit by transmitting the video and safety situation inside by compensating for the difficulty of recognizing the danger factors such as vehicles and floor obstacles that are stopped due to the difference in slope and illumination when entering a parking lot, tunnel, etc.

Smart NVR Failover

예기치 않은 시스템의 결함이나 외부 공격에 의한 영상 데이터 손실을 방지하기 위한 NVR 장애 대응 솔루션입니다.

Elevator CRT Integration

Integration with the elevator CRT system enables operating information of the elevator to be displayed and stored on the screen, and by supporting search of the operating information of the elevator, the solution improves convenience by reducing the search time and provides accurate video analysis by displaying the intuitive operation information of live / search videos.

Abnormal Sound Detection

The abnormal sound source detection camera is installed in confined spaces such as elevators to detect abnormal sound sources (sounds) in case of emergencies, enabling quick and accurate situation identification and response.

License Plate Recognition

It is a solution to extract the vehicle number by analyzing the video input to the NVR in real time. Analysis, vehicle number storage, image storage, and information display are simultaneously performed and can be searched together with the image, and can be applied to various sites such as roads, urban security, and apartments.

LPR Integration

LPR parking control system and camera with built-in LPR function receives the vehicle number and vehicle information, and the screen display, image storage and vehicle number, and the vehicle information at the same time to proceed with the solution to search with video.

Thermal Imaging Camera

It is a solution that enables smooth operation of equipment, prevention of fire and early evolution by installing in places where temperature management is required for electrical facilities, plumbing facilities such as power plants, factories, buildings, etc.

Flame / Smoke Detection

This solution detects flame and smoke by analyzing camera images in real time. A wide range of surveillance is possible, and users can quickly check whether there is a fire and respond to it through video in real time.

Intrusion Detection

It is a solution that can be installed in places that need to monitor the access of people except the manager, such as rooftops and facility entrances, so that the access can be checked in real time and the identity of visitors.

Warning Broadcast

It is a solution that enables safe and quick response by sending warning broadcasts in case of dangerous situation such as intrusion or unauthorized use by installing warning broadcast system in playground, rest facility and blind spot.

Emergency Call

The emergency call system is installed in underground parking lots and blind spots for quick rescue requests and response in case of emergency.

Emergency Call Integration

It is a solution that can be promptly delivered and responded to by emergency call system through emergency video and E-Map popup and warning sound in case of emergency.